About 8SL Ltd

8SL digital Mobile Social Care Case Tools have been developed by practitioners in Social Care Finance, Banking, Finance and Software development. Our Mobile Digital Social Care Tools delivers secure and robust solutions to issues associated with the implementation of Adult Social Care personalisation and the delivery of Personal Budgets.


Our Social Care Tools are customisable. They are designed to assess eligibility for care, generate indicative budgets, complete a Financial Assessment to calculate client contributions. A Support Planning and Review tool along with a Budget Planner are also included.

Our Technology

Using cutting edge software development and database tools, 8SL software is created to be highly intelligent and easily configurable, in order to reflect a market which is constantly changing and evolving. In addition, 8SL applications are cross platform, ensuring they can be used remotely on iPads or via the web as well as on local networks.


For many years IT based workflow systems were created to support specific processes within an organisation or department, where the activity or tasks involved were predictable. To be effective, IT systems now need the ability to share data and information across organisations in real time.


8SL technology enables mobile working and data transfer using proven, Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology which can push data to many devices including PC, Mac and iPad. Organisations can attain choice, efficiency, savings and an unparallel level of staff and customer satisfaction. For example, across health and social care and deliver improved services to the public. 

  • It is future proofed

  • iPads supported by a world class Corporation - Apple Corp

  • Workers have secure remote access away from the office

  • Can be available on PC, iPad or MAC

  • And interfaced with your Care Management System


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